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Application of the mikrocount® dipslides

Hygiene testing with a system


Contact inoculation

  • For surfaces and solid samples
  • Hold both sides of the nutrient media carrier onto the surface for about 5 seconds without touching the agar with your hands
  • The pivot joint of the agar slide offers additional convenience

Smear test

  • Use a sterile, wetted swab to collect samples from points that are difficult to access or from highly viscous liquids
  • The swab is then streaked out onto the agar surface of the slide in order to transfer the microorganisms to be cultivated


  • The slide is dipped into the liquid which is to be tested for a few seconds
  • Allow any excess liquid to run from the nutrient media carrier to ensure safe transportation of the dipslides.


  • Incubation in closed tubes
  • mikrocount® TPC: 24-48h at 25 - 30°C
  • mikrocount® TPC/E: 24-48h at 25 - 30°C
  • mikrocount® duo: 24-48h at 25 - 30°C; Detection of yeasts and moulds up to 4 days at 25 - 30°C

Storage and support

The mikrocount® dipslides should be stored unopened at room temperature. They should be protected from drying out, light and frost. The dipslides have a shelf-life of 9 months, please note the expiry date printed on the box. Any unused slide exhibiting microbiological growth should be discarded.

Temperature fluctuations may result in condensate settling at the bottom of the slide tube. This sterile liquid can simply be disposed of down the sink, without the performance and results of the dipslides being affected.

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