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Hygiene testing made easy.

All advantages at a glance.


mikrocount® dipslides offer many benefits


Rapid and easy to use

Always at hand. Without any preparation time, the slide can be used to test surfaces, semi-solid materials and liquids. No special laboratory equipment is necessary for testing. The nutrient media contain no toxic ingredients that could be transferred to products. The agar surface has a size of 12,5 cm² which equates to conventional RODAC plates. Furthermore, the practical pivot joint markedly facilitates testing of surfaces. All mikrocount® dipslides are equipped with a hexagonal hole in the lid, which can be used for inserting an extension rod.

Safety due to quality

The high standards to which mikrocount® dipslides are produced guarantee a product of consistent excellent quality. These standards for example include clean-room filling and the ISO 9001 certification. mikrocount® dipslides are supplied in shatter-free, environmentally friendly and sterile plastic tube made of polypropylene (without PVC content).


Sending away samples and time-consuming laboratory work for preparing nutrient media, production dilution series and counting colonies is eliminated, and no personnel with special training in microbiology is needed.

Easy to evaluate

A comparison with an evaluation chart allows the user to quickly and easily read off the results, which are available within 24-72 hours.To facilitate the evaluation further, all mikrocount® dipslides are equipped with a color indicator and light nutrient media. If necessary, the contaminated germ carrier can be used for specific follow-up tests.

Easy disposal

Once used, the dipslides can be destroyed by burning, autoclaving or immersion in disinfectant solution.


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